The Roll Skater - Roll Caliper
Roll Skater - 8" to 32" Size Range  - Saddle Micrometer
The Roll Skater is the worlds most economical roll caliper.  Often called Saddle Mic, Saddle Micrometer or Roll Gage, these machines measure the diameter variation of mills rolls with astounding precision. 
Our simple version is outfitted with a manual dial indicator for use by operators measuring freshly ground or worn rolls in the steel, aluminum, paper, other non-ferrous and non-woven industries.

Roll Caliper Size Ranges
probul1 Small - 8" to 32" (200 to 800mm)
probul1 Medium - 8" to 40" (200 to 1000mm)
probul1 Large - 16" to 64" (400 to 1600mm)

Key Benefits
probul1 Excellent Pricing - Please request a price list
probul1 Precise Measurement
probul1 Quick Deliveries
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